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The Optimist fell ten storeys,

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He shouted to his friends,

"All right so far!"

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nokia 6230 Lost And Found

Today(January 20, 2011-Thursday as on my date of posting the first part of this post on my wall), when I got down from the train after a sleepy journey from Kurla to Panvel, I was shocked to find my dear Nokia 6230 missing from my pocket. It was with me ever since my First year of Engineering, sem-I.
I reentered the train, searched it there, my pockets, my bag and all this time the lady at Airtel's end said my 6230 was switched off.

Note: 0: ----------------------------------------------------------------
This( above part) was posted by me on the day it happened. And it  received following comments:

  1. Fazleabbas Khanbahadur: Hearty condolence for your loss
  2. Shaista Naaz: thnk god accha hai ur cell phone is lost,, aise bhi bohot purana ho gaya tha...... nw gt a new 1 :-) :-)
  3. Shwetha Bangera: my sympathies...
  4. Vaibhav Kinare: may u r 6230 R I P... :) my sympathies are wid u......!!! :(               yay....!!! now at least u can think of buying a new one :D that cell was....so lame looked like a device invented in stone age :)
  5. Majrul Ansari: Nokia-> Connecting People         Airtel-> Express Yourself
  6. Aniket Patil: Hope ur cell will rest in peace
  7. Nikhil S. Bhirud: ‎@all- Who said I lost it ? :-P          Entire story coming soon !
  8. Vaibhav Kinare: stop beating around the bush.....i knw u kept it in other pocket...or co-passanger's pocket...ohh        OR eventually u realized that u din carry the cell :P
  9. Lavanya Subramanian: u actually lost it???          ki as u said "MORE" to come????      abhi ke liye condolences for the dear phone....
  10. Anish Anand: hmm..i wonder!! aage kya hoga
  11. Shaista Naaz: ohhhhhh d rest f d status is stillll 2 b continued.......gr8
  12. Anish Anand: Aage ki story next financial year mein batayega!! Income from story telling is Non Taxable ! :P
  13. Tushar Bhere: yaar sun ke bura laga :))
  14. Anish Anand: ‎@tushar : Kya sun ke bura laga ?? You can still do STORY TELLING, parttime !! :P
---------------- End of Note -----------------------------------------------

Finally I sat down on the platform seat
convinced that it is no more with me.
Also during this I saw towards my loose pocket a hundred times thinking "What if I buy a Samsung Galaxy 3 now and it slips out of this loose pocket again like it did today ?".

With no hope it again. Suddenly, I heard the tring tring and somebody picked up the call. But there is a twist !

Note 1 : ---------------------------------------------------
A few months back (in Oct). I had posted that my Nokia 6230 has developed some problem.
It still exists
The problem is: "I (My Nokia 6230) hear what you (caller) say, but you don't hear what I say"
So Interesting, Isn't it ?  !!!
----------------------------- End of note ------------------------

So I spoke something, and heard no reply, then realized the above stated problem.
Thought about the situation.
Call back ----> he disconnected.
Call back ----> He received it !

Now, it felt most sensible to speak in our rashtriya bhasha, for I didn't know what kind of person is on the other end.

I said clearly "mera phone ghum gaya hai aur voh aapke paas hai. Usme kuch problem hai jiske bajey se mai kya bol raha hu aapko sunai de raha hai, par mujhe aap kuch bologe toh sunai nahi dega. Mai iss phone par sms bhejta hu, aap ushi se reply kijiye please. "

The sms was "May I know where are you ?"

And I received a call from an unknown number, and it was him.

He asked me to come somewhere near the node where the road to the station originates from the highway. On the way, I searched Cadbury's Dairy Milk in all the shops on the way for him. But all of them were below expectations. In the meanwhile, this guy was getting late. So he called me back and asked me to come near some Premchand R Bhavan

Note 2 : --------------------------------------------------
Probably this has something to do with R-City mall (Ghatkopar) at a stone's throw from my Capgemini M4 office. It is a commonly visited place by me and my friends now-a-days.
----------------------------- End of note -----------------------

I kept walking observing each shop's name for this Premchand "R" Bhavan. Suddenly I found Premchand Ahar Bhavan. A hindi speaking youth, of maybe 26-28 suddenly popped out from the shop, and handed over my precious belonging back.

I asked him where he found it, to which he replied "Yeh phone train mei gira hua mila. Network nahi dikha raha tha. Toh maine battery aur SIM card nikal ke vapas dala. Phir thik ho gaya. Phir tumhara call aya."

I thought maybe that was when the Airtel lady said it was switched off.

And he said "Hamara bhi phone ghum gaya tha. Ek admi ne mujhe vapas diya. Toh mujhe mera phone mil gaya. Ajkal duniya contacts par chalti hai. Phone gaya toh uss bat ka bura nahi lagta hai, bura lagta hai usme ke contacts jane ka. Accha nahi lagta aisa hua toh"

And he started walking towards his destination.

I was so happy !

Me and my Nokia 6230 started walking happily towards my Home Sweet Home.
I opened the text message application and found an incompletely typed sms " aapka mobile hamare"

And then came a few second thoughts came to my mind.

Analysis of situation- The second Thoughts : way of thinking ----------------------
  1. He might have dialed a few of his friends and may have already discovered the problems (Refer note 1 above) in my 6230 before me telling him. If not, I had told him.
  2. I asked him to reply me by smses. When he might have started typing, he must have realized, the keypad is in a condition of blunder. You need to work really hard to text in my Nokia 6230.
  3. So the resale value of my mobile was almost null.
  4. OK even if  accepted, that He was genuinely a good person. Accepted what he said about the reason for Airtel lady's saying that it was switched off. But
                     How did he know that it was me when I reached Premchand Ahar Bhavan (lets call it PAB) ? That means he knew that the owner of the mobile was me since he was in the train. If you think sensibly, it is difficult to infer that he found the phone fallen somewhere in the train. Else he should not had known me. That almost proves that the case is not so straight as it seems. Ok even if I believe in him knowing me before we met at PAB. Then what the hell made him take it from train to station and from there to that PAB when I was sitting in the train and him knowing it ?

So I concluded that the original motive of this person was to kind of steal it. But on knowing how much an antique piece it was, he might have thought "Agar iman bechna hi hai toh aise antique par kyo bechu jo bikega bhi nahi ?"

---------------- End of Analysis ----------------------------------------

End of Story: The Conclusion ---------------------------------------

  1. All's well that ends well.
  2. The person was good. 
  3. We (me and my Nokia 6230) are back together
  4. This again delays my buying a new handset. :)
  5. Still I'm happy.
  6. I've saved this person's number in my Nokia 6230 as "6230 Lost And Found"

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