" _________________________

The Optimist fell ten storeys,

And at each window bar,

He shouted to his friends,

"All right so far!"

_________________________ "

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A funny Mystery partly solved


Few months back, I had posted (on Facebook) some question like this:
"I don't understand what makes some people 'like' certain obsolete posts on FB, like 'A fortune cookie has been delivered to him or her'. I mean, if its opened and you like the fortune, then its understandable that u liked it. But an unopened fortune cookie! Whats there to like in it ? Not just fortune cookie, there are so many other obsolete posts which ppl find worth liking, just don't understand why !! Are they desperate to make their presence felt, or are they just too obsessed with FB ?"
Today I found the answer, may be not complete, but I'm sure this is one of the reasons they do this:
"There are many applications on FB that use statistics like 'likes', 'comments', etc to calculate best friends, ppl who miss u, and whatsoever. These men and women mentioned above are simply trying to get higher in 'statistics' for specific people, so that when they run such apps, they are seen as best this and that in results"
Funny, isn't it ?
This was a result of simple observation by nbhirud based on some facts.

An update from friend (Nikit Batale):
Majority of those people referred above are unaware that it is those 'like's that propel them higher in 'statistics' for specific people.


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