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The Optimist fell ten storeys,

And at each window bar,

He shouted to his friends,

"All right so far!"

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The World through my eyes. Book 1. Part 4: Brain, Heart, Mind & the Dark Knight (Beta Version: Help me complete it)

Here I am putting forth a thought of mine in a way it came to my mind. And I clearly understand that everybody's perception about the topic would vary. So, As I see it, the three entities: Brain, Heart and the Mind differ in the logic and the way they think or react. There is a diffuse thin line between them.


If you wish to know what kind of a person somebody is, try to peep into his/her heart. The heart is the most beautiful part of a human. It is pure and free from any impurities. The Heart is like an innocent Child. 

Heart is the one responsible for true emotions, true feelings, true love. The heart thinks like a child. It always says the right things innocently, or should I say, it talks about emotional needs of a person. But it has no understanding of what is right and what is wrong, or what is good and what is bad for you. It is impulsive. It is the one in who is in control of the mind in artists, poets, lovers, ...


Bruce Wayne: What have I done, Alfred? Everything my family... my father built...
Alfred Pennyworth: The Wayne legacy is more than bricks and mortar, sir.
Bruce Wayne: I wanted to save Gotham, I failed.
Alfred Pennyworth: Why do we fall sir? So we might learn to pick ourselves up.
Bruce Wayne: You still haven't given up on me?
Alfred Pennyworth: Never.

Brain is what differentiates humans from primates, animals, and other living organisms.
Brain is responsible for wisdom and knowledge. It is the one who knows what is indeed good or bad for you. There is no place for emotions in the brain. Brain is something that stops you from repeating the mistakes of the past. It is the one who is in control of the mind in successful people. Brain is the center of integrity of a person.


Rachel Dawes: [Bruce and Rachel haven't seen each other for years. Bruce is wet from swimming in a "pool" in the restaurant] Bruce?
Bruce Wayne: Rachel?
Rachel Dawes: I heard you were back. What are you doing?
Bruce Wayne: Uh, just swimming. Wow, it is good to see you.
Rachel Dawes: You were gone a long time.
Bruce Wayne: I know, how are things?
Rachel Dawes: The same. Job's getting worse.
Bruce Wayne: Can't change the world on your own.
Rachel Dawes: What choice do I have when you're too busy swimming?
Bruce Wayne: Rachel, all- all this, it- it's not me, inside, I am, I am more.
European supermodel: Come on, Bruce.
European supermodel 2: We have some more hotels for you to buy.
Rachel Dawes: Bruce, deep down you may still be that great kid you used to be, but it's not who you are underneath, it's what you *do* that defines you. 
Rachel Dawes: Wait! You could die. At least tell me your name.
Batman: It's not who I am underneath, but what I *do* that defines me.
Rachel Dawes: [realizing] Bruce?
[Batman turns and leaps off the roof] 

The mind is the doer. The mind is what defines or represents YOU.

The mind is the ultimate decision maker. It is the integrator and manipulator. Whatever good or bad you do, is because of your mind.
Know the mind of a person if you wish to know the character of him/her. It would help you know the circumstance-specific decision making of the person.


[last lines]
James Gordon Jr.: [Batman runs off into the darkness as James Jr. joins his father by Harvey Dent's body] Batman? Why's he running Dad?
Lt. James Gordon: [Staring after Batman] Because we have to chase him.
James Gordon Jr.: But he didn't do anything wrong
Lt. James Gordon: Because he's the hero Gotham deserves. But not the one it needs right now. And so we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent gaurdian. A watchful protector. A dark knight 

The conscience has no separate existence. Nobody knows how it looks like. Nobody knows where it resides. Some say it resides in the brain because it is wise. Some say it resides in the heart because it knows emotions and ethics. But everybody know one thing, that the Gotham of this Dark Knight, the region of influence, or the battlefield of Conscience is the Mind.

The Conscience is the brightest entity that ever could exist in a human. And the brightness comes from a healing Aura, that vanishes all the evil and heals all the good in its Gotham, the Mind.

But this brightness is relative. The Conscience is the personification of brightness in those minds where it is alive, clear and functional. These minds maketh the good humans with humanity; as their minds are under the guidance of a good guardian. But not always is this Conscience alive, or fully alive. In most cases the conscience is alive but the Mind seldom obeys it. In such circumstances, the glory of these minds is lost and the brightness fades eventually. In the worst cases, the mind kills the Conscience and these minds drift away from light. They become darker than the darkest Black Holes.

 But remember, though it could be killed, it could not be corrupted. It is incorruptible. 

Mind it !

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  1. I never thought there could be such a fine line of distinction between the brain and mind, always thought they were the same. I do disagree on your views on purity of heart but nevertheless, I like your optimism for the same :)
    Insightful post.