" _________________________

The Optimist fell ten storeys,

And at each window bar,

He shouted to his friends,

"All right so far!"

_________________________ "

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sam, Barney, and my thoughts

I am neither Sam nor Frodo. Neither Barney nor Ted. Actually, I am Marshall without the Lily (for now). And I need both a Sam and a Barney. (I am not saying I don't have them, nor am I saying I have them)

Warning: You are unauthorized to comment/read/draw conclusions if you haven't watched both HIMYM and LOTR in entirety.

Anyways, Ignore the first line (though it might be true to an extent). This thought came to my mind many a time, but I only decided to write it down today.

Everyone needs an awesome friend like Sam. Someone who shows you the right path, the one who would do anything for your good, one who is selfless for you, one who cares, and one who is a sentimental fool. (Don't read the book if you wish to understand this the way I want you to)

Everyone also needs an awesome friend like Barney Stinson. The one who is "Awesome", one who shows you the right path in a wrong way, one in whose company you do dumb things and end up adding worthy pages to your memories, one who is super fun, and the one who at the core is very emotional but never lets that show.

What if you have both of them? That's a dream.

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