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The Optimist fell ten storeys,

And at each window bar,

He shouted to his friends,

"All right so far!"

_________________________ "

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The World through my eyes. Book 1. Part 1: The speaking Eyes

I had a firm misconception since long. But I'm out of it now. It was just partly right. The right thing about it was "Eyes do speak out too many things". The wrong thing about it was "Few people know how to read eyes"

The truth is "Almost nobody know how to read eyes"

You need to make conscious efforts to learn this art. It is relatively easier to read eyes of a person you know very well. This art is a two sided sharp sword. First u need to be a deep thinker. If you look deep into the eyes of the person with whom you are conversing with, you know the true meaning of what he/she is speaking much better.

"The deeper I see, the deeper I know you." 

Eyes are gateways to the mind. Eyes never lie. Though some people learn to masquerade their eyes with whatever, but they are not your friends. 

@All_Friends- I'm in a quest to learn this art of reading eyes. 

So tomorrow, and later, if you find me looking into your eyes for too long, don't feel awkward, I'm just experimenting and trying to know more about you

Some misconceptions, when disappear, provide a peace to the mind, and clear your concepts. 

Since long, I have had the habit of observing known and unknown faces. I try to analyse what kind of person you might be. What might be your profession, education, thinking, preferences, life, and whatever you may think of. Also, I try to analyse what the person might be thinking at that moment. This is exactly what I'm doing when you see me standing in one corner of road, or sitting lonely in the cafeteria, or during my journey by train or bus. I don't know whether whatever I infer from these faces is right or wrong. But I believe in whatever wisdom I have. I believe in myself. I believe that I've learnt few things out of this, and I'm happy for it. This was "My experiments for knowing humans better, Part 1"

"The looking into eyes and knowing you better" is "My experiments for knowing humans better, Part 2"

@All- From Monday (7th March 2011) I will make conscious efforts to converse only while looking into your eyes.
Please don't mind. I suggest that you also look deep into my eyes when I talk to you. It needs courage to keep looking into eyes of person in front of you if the person looks into your eyes too. My conscience is clear. I need not hide my eyes from anyone. You will see in them the truth, truth and nothing else :) 

- Originals, by nbhirud.

Observe life better !